• December 11 2009 So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    It has been an exciting ride but my time at AOL has come to an end. I spent six years at AOL and I will look back upon those years with fond memories. At AOL I worked with many smart, driven people and I wish them all the best. Under Tim Armstrong’s leadership, AOL is transforming itself into a low-cost content machine and if online ad rates come back, it might just work.

    At AOL, I had the opportunity to work on a ton of interesting projects and build a wide array of websites. One of the very first projects that I helped build was AOL Call Alert and I just chuckled when I realized that it actually still exists! Recently, my focus has been on building in-house performance tools to measure, analyze and improve the speed and availability of AOL websites like AOL, TMZ, Fanhouse, Engadget and Politics Daily.

    I learned many things at AOL, including the realization that I enjoy conceiving, designing and building websites. Now that I’m a free agent, I’m excited to apply everything that I have learned about building world-class websites to new opportunities. Building and growing a personal blog is something that I finally have time to do.


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